Improbable Theatre: The Devil and Mister Punch

I didn’t really know what the show was about when I booked the tickets to Improbable’s show. To be honest, any show by Improbable is likely to entertain, surprise and even, move.

The show has been created in the spirit of Punch and Judy and music hall. As such, it is simple and engaging. No big sets or special effects: just a really well built puppet stage where all sorts of puppets come to life and the audience can swifly move between watching real people and puppets. For those of you studying contemporary theatre, here you can find the perfect example of puppetry, surrealism, imagination, using music and masks.

Full of short stories, highlights include a dancing skeleton (see video below), 5 piglets and a snapping crocodrile. As well as a Mr Punch that you can’t help but love and hate and a very intimidating devil.

The show is on during most of February, at the Barbican Pit, which suits the show perfectly. If you can’t get to it, here’s the Barbican’s promotional video. You can find a longer video, photos and more information on or Improbable’s page.



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