Why I Love The Edinburgh Fringe

I can’t wait.

Next week I’ll be going up to Edinburgh for a few days. It will be my tenth time up there. Or maybe I’ve been up more times.

My first experience of the Edinburgh Fringe was in 1991, when I went up with the Imperial College Dramatic Society, as part of the team running a venue on Prince’s Street. Ah…. Those were the days.

It was my first time in the festival and my first time performing in a show every day for three weeks. I was hoping that would kill the “acting bug” for me. It didn’t. On the contrary. I didn’t mind getting up at 9am to perform at eleven in the morning after going to bed at 4am. And at the end of the three week run, I wanted more.

That’s it. If it weren’t for the Edinburgh Fringe, this blog wouldn’t exist.


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