Twitter Tips for Devising Theatre

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Got an idea? Try it out in the space – the only way of knowing whether it works.

Make sure all the characters in your piece undergo change.

Experiment with space: change your physical relationship with the audience.

How is your character different to you? How is she/he similar?

Stuck devising your piece? Ask two old ladies what they’re saying about you. Check out:

Don’t give away too much about your characters: create suspense.

Can you substitute dialogue for a still image or a a piece of movement?

How does your character change through the piece?

Play with time structure – not all plays have to start at the beginning of the story and end with the end.

Do you want to move your audience? Use music – European film music is the best!

Experiment with space. Change your physical relationship with the audience.

Use silence and stillness – they can be very powerful.

Hold back information from the audience: create suspense.

Interested in what makes a good story? I recommend “The Story Book”.

Be aware of the space around you and between you.

View conflict as an opportunity to share a different point of view.

What do you want your audience to feel?