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  1. Can you help? I have an exhibition team of children from 6-17. They kick, flip and skip. However, there’s only so much jumping around one can take (unless perhaps one has a trapeze and a clown). I have an ambition to present a play or perhaps a series of sketches with them. I think this would hold the attention of the audience and hopefully we could run a charity presentation and sell tickets. Can you point me in the right direction to find scripts for such a thing? There needs to be a narrative to bring the skills together. Preferably one with a message. Cirque du soleil claim to have something similar, but it was either a rouse or too high brow for me to grasp. Is this a tall order? I don’t know. It’s not my field, but I’m very keen.

    1. Hi Rob,
      Thanks for stopping by.

      I had a look at your Youtube – what you’re doing looks like fun!

      I have a feeling that using a script might not be the best thing for you, but I might be mistaken. Why not use a Greek myth as a basis and create your own simple piece?

      I suggest a Greek myth because then you can have the children creating one big monster, or being rocks that crumble or the sea sinking a ship…

      I really would not aim for a “message” – all myths and fairy tales have enough of a strong story for people to read a message in it should they want to. The most important thing is to pick a story (or a script) which gets the kids having fun, you can always decide what the message is afterwards!

      Do stop by again when you have decided what to do.


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